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We Get You Funded by doing Detailed Research on available Lenders based on your unique Geographic Location, and by referencing our own Internal Lender Database and related Client Experiences.

  1. We Make You Look Great to Lenders.
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Unlike our competitors, we do it all. We apply a systematic approach implemented by highly experienced experts, and they start with making your business Credit-Ready. Look at our Timeline below – and follow these links for more information;

7 Day Get Credit-Ready Period

Get Funded before 80 Paydex

Get 80 Paydex

Get Useful Trade Credit Lines

Get Funded After 80 Paydex

Remove Credit Inquiries

2nd Funding Round

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In the last several years, we have helped thousands of small business owners like you get funded and operate successfully.  Join our family of satisfied customers.


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Frequently asked questions

What does “Credit-Ready” mean?

Credit-Ready means that your business has everything in place to go to the banks and undergo the application process. In our experience, most businesses are missing some key elements that may trip them up when they are looking for funding. Our experts will find those errors and omissions and make certain that you have everything in place when you walk in the bank’s front door to get your Funding.


We have an extensive checklist that we apply during this first phase. If your business meets these criteria, you have a solid foundation upon which to get funding. If some elements are missing, we can help you shore up your business to become Credit-Ready.

Why Do I Need an 80+ Paydex Score?

A Paydex score of 80 to 100 is considered the top level of creditworthiness for a company, therefore, it is important to do everything possible to make certain that your score meets or exceeds 80 Paydex. Unlike FICO scores for individuals, Paydex is calculated on whether a business makes payments to its creditors and suppliers “as agreed” or “better than agreed”, which means payments are made before their due date.


During the 45-Day Process of obtaining your 80 Paydex on Dun & Bradstreet, we help you make 4 or more credit payment experiences that will required to achieve an 80 Paydex Score. We will help you make charges, and then pay those charges off before the due dates. Once your payments are reported and your Paydex exceeds 80, we start the funding process.

Why Do I Need Trade Credit?

Trade Credit is a Net-30 or Revolving Credit Account with a Vendor that allows you to finance the purchase of Products and Services from that Vendor up to your Approved Credit Limit. This is not Cash Credit, but is very useful nonetheless because you can get accounts approved directly with stores that sell electronic equipment, furniture and various other business products and services your business will need on a day to day basis in order to operate.

How Soon Can I Do a Second Funding Round?

Often, clients do not achieve their top funding goals in our first round of applications to lenders. However, each inquiry leaves a hard inquiry report on your credit report. If you acquire more than 6, you will need to wait 6 months before you can go for more funding.


Our Inquiry Removal Sevice eliminates those useless hard inquiries.


Once you have cleared your Credit Inquiries and have eliminated the need to wait 6 Months before applying for Funding again, it’s time to go on your 2nd Funding Round to obtain Credit Limit Increases on existing Accounts you obtained in the 1st Round, as well as additional Funding with new Lenders we did not use in the 1st Round.


As an Example, let’s say you wanted $250,000 in Total Funding, and on the 1st Round you achieved $100,000. The on the 2nd Round we will look to increase limits on the $100K to boost your total available credit to $125K or $150K, and get the remaining funds from new Lenders we did not use on the 1st Round. This process can be repeated for multiple Funding Rounds until you achieve your desired Funding Goal.

How Much Can I Get in Funding for My Business?

Well, that depends. You’ll need to start with a good personal credit score of 650+, ideally 700 or more. If that is not the case, Adding tradelines can provide a big boost. The business loans or lines of credit you will be offered by the banks will be based on full documentation.


However, if your business has not been open long, cannot therefore show tax returns, has low income or you have a shelf corporation, we will go stated income. This means your loans will be in the $25,000 to $75,000 range per lender.


But if your business has a history, tax returns and good profit, you can get approved for much higher limits.


If you want only trade credit, not bank financing, then this program will get you there without providing any kind of personal guarantee nor personal credit check. This is not cash money, but it can get you trade items you need, quickly and efficiently, such as accounts directly with stores that sell electronic equipment, furniture and various other business products and services your business needs on a day to day basis in order to operate.

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