• Unique, Labor-Intensive, Hand-Written Disputes that Beat OCR Scanners.
  • 3-Way Disputes with Creditors, Credit Bureaus, and FTC.
  • Fast-Track Credit Sweep Option for Identity Theft Victims.

Time-Line of Expected Results

We use a proprietary and systematic approach to get FAST Results for our Clients. We do all of the heavy lifting for you and your only task will be to watch your Credit Scores climb as negative items are removed.



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Our Clients have benefited from our unique and results-oriented solutions for resolving negative remarks that have held them back.  Check out these fast results.



Frequently asked questions

Who Makes the Deletion Requests?

We have specialists who create the rebuttals and write the disputes by hand. In the case of Identity Theft, we guide you for getting a police report in order to fast-track the removals.

What is a Fast Track Credit Sweep?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires Credit Bureaus to remove all Accounts resulting from Identity Theft from your Credit Report. A Credit Sweep is the process by which we use these sections of the FCRA to force Credit Bureaus to remove Negative Accounts from your Credit Report. We do this by using a proprietary method we’ve developed to facilitate and speed-up this process.

How Long Does the Fast Track Credit Sweep Take?

In the first days, we analyze your credit reports and select negative items for deletion. We then prepare the Identity Theft Affidavit. With that document, we show you how to file a police report. We then send the documentation, including the police report to the Creditor, the Credit Bureaus and the FTC. We begin monitoring your report to see the negative items drop off, those that remain, we re-submit claims until all negative items are deleted. You should see RESULTS within only 1 to 3 Weeks.

What Happens if I am a Victim of Identity Theft?

Identity theft happens to one American every two seconds, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. In 2013, there were over 13 million victims. The potential impact on your credit, not to mention the work it causes for the Credit reporting bureaus – is astronomical.


What if some of the negative information on your report right now – are the result of someone using your report and making charges that they want you to pay?


As soon as you notice improper charges on your credit cards, it is time to contact us. We can reverse the damage on your credit FAST.

How Do You Delete Negative Items on My Credit Report?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires Credit Bureaus to remove all incorrect and/or unverifiable information from your Credit Report, however, their Systems and Procedures have been setup to automatically read, classify, and dispose of Credit Disputes they receive as fast as possible, without any human intervention at all, and without any real verification of the information aside from a quick automated check into the Creditor’s reporting system. When Credit Bureaus receive a Dispute from a Consumer, they will scan the Dispute Documents, run them through an OCR Scanner to detect all the text in the Document, then analyze the text to try to match the text to one of tens of thousands of prior Dispute Letter Templates they have previously received from other Consumers. Once they have a match, they will automatically decide what response to send to the Consumer and what action to take.


The problem here is that the default actions are typically to ask Creditors if the information in their system is correct, and if they confirm the information, then the Negative Item is not removed. This “Verification Process” typically happens within a few seconds and is fully automated, which means the Disputes Letters are never even read, and no investigation is performed at all – The System just spits back to the Consumer the information reported by the Creditor and claims the information was “Verified”. This behavior is actually illegal, but Credit Bureaus get away with it all the time. The only way to get around their automated systems and get dispute letters read by a real human being is to use what we call “Manual Credit Repair”.


Our Experts simultaneously dispute each Negative Item with a hand written dispute letter to the Creditors, the Credit Bureaus, and the FTC. In many cases, we will not get a response, which automatically qualifies the negative to be deleted. In other cases, one or the other target will be the right one to grant our requests and call for the elimination of the negatives. This 3-Way Dispute method is much more effective than the One-Way or Two-Way Methods used by the vast majority of Credit Repair Companies out there.

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