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Credit-Ready means that your Business has everything in place to get Approved for Funding. In our experience, most Businesses are missing some key elements that will trip them up when they are looking for Funding.  Our experts will find those errors and omissions and make certain that you have everything in place when you walk in the Bank’s front door to get what you want.

During this initial 7-Day Credit-Ready Process, we analyze your Business and determine your readiness for Funding;

A) Do you have a decent website?
B) Is your phone listed with 411?
C) Is your contact information consistent and accurate on internet directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages?
D) Do you have a DUNS number?
E) How clean is your credit?
And much more.

We have an extensive checklist that we apply during this first phase, and having all of this important data in order smoothes your Credit Building and Funding process immensely.

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  • master card
  • discover card
  • american express

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