Get Funded BEFORE 80 Paydex

If your business does not score above 80 on the Paydex payment scoring scale by Dun & Bradstreet, you will have difficulties getting ready credit for your business.  This may be because your business is new and has not established accounts, yet, with suppliers, or any of a number of reasons.

A score lower than 80 will impact or even negate your chances of acquiring favorable loans.  However, you have choices among the options we offer;

If your personal credit is excellent, you may be funded right after becoming credit-ready.  But relying on personal credit to hold up a business puts your personal assets at risk and does not help your company prosper.  If, however, you wait the 45 day time period needed to achieve your 80 Paydex score, you will have an easier time getting approved for financing, your interest rates will be lower and your credit limits will be higher.

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