Remove Credit Inquiries

Credit Inquiries – or at least when they add up to more than 6 within 6 months – can stall your quest for additional funding, especially if, in your first round, you were unable to qualify for your top amount needed.

Once your credit report lists 6 or more inquiries, you must wait another 6 months before you make any new applications.

One of the advantages to clearing inquiries from your credit report is that it eliminates the problem of having inquiries listed on your credit report that were unsuccessful and not connected to any credit account you have qualified for.  By “Busting” off these inquiries, it eliminates the wait for making new funding applications.

Clearing your inquiries by using the our program that removes hard inquiries FAST! This shortens that wait dramatically. Our Hard Inquiry Removal Program only takes 1 to 3 weeks under the expedited option. Once the inquiries are cleaned you can initiate a second round of financing to get the remaining funds that you need.

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